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  • Solar Delivered is helping businesses in the Caribbean reduce and stabilize their cost of energy. We offer our clients comprehensive energy assessments and turnkey integrated energy solutions. Our team can identify infrastructure modifications that will improve the energy efficiency of your facility and design an integrated renewable energy plan to ensure that the cost of energy for your business will be stabilized and predictable into the future. We design grid-connect renewable energy systems that function within the net metering or feed-in tariff programs of your local utility or completely independent microgrid systems. Independent renewable energy microgrids are designed to operate without utility interconnection. These systems use solar and and/or wind renewable energy as their primary fuel source and are equipped with containerized battery banks for electricity storage that deliver 24/7 on-demand power. Both of these design approaches can scale from small 30 kilowatts systems to multi-megawatts and utility-scale systems.

    For commercial clients whose physical plant/property size or location prevents them from acquiring all of their energy from renewable energy sources, Solar Delivered and its partners can design, engineer, install, operate, and finance hybrid-energy systems and hybrid microgrids. Hybrid energy systems combine wind and/or solar systems with battery storage, fossil fuel generators, and combined heat and power (CHP) technologies. When these technologies are combined, fossil fuel generation carries the load when solar/wind are not available. Waste heat from fossil fuel generation units is captured to provide air conditioning and hot water, increasing fuel efficiencies from 30% to 80%.

  • What Makes Us Different

    Solar Delivered and its partners provide turnkey renewable energy and energy efficiencyies services; project analysis, design, engineering, financing, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance. We have over 50 years of combined experience working in the Caribbean in the energy and environmental fields.