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  • Financing

  • Incentives and Tax Credits

    In the US Virgin Islands and the Common Wealth of Puerto Rico, the United States government has extended for five years (2020) the 30% investment tax credit for all solar and wind energy systems. Businesses receive additional savings via the Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS) which allows for-profit commercial entities to depreciate a significant portion of the capital cost of a renewable energy system or microgrid in the first five years after installation.

    Because local governments and nonprofits in US jurisdictions pay no taxes, they therefore cannot capture and use the 30% tax credit or MACRS depreciation. For these entities it is best to utilize Solar Delivered’s financing options. When governments and nonprofits opt for financing or leasing their renewable energy or microgrid systems, the tax incentives can be captured by the entity providing the financing which allows it to reduce a no-profit’s lease or loan payments for the system.

    For businesses operating outside US jurisdiction in the Caribbean, national incentives for renewable energy system may apply.

  • No-Money Down Financing

    Solar Delivered and its partners can provide “No-Money-Down Financing” for commercial, government, and non-profit projects (we do not offer financing for residential systems). Our financing options include capital loans, lease agreements, and long-term power and purchase agreements (PPA). The structure of each of these options is project specific and based on the scale and type of project, the client’s credit rating and their years in business, local utility and government regulations, and the agreement’s time period (7 to 15 years).

  • Leasing vs Ownership

    Leasing a renewable energy (solar & wind) or microgrid system allows a business to conserve its capital for expansion and growth. Governments and non-profits trade tax credits and depreciation benefits they can’t utilize for reduced loan or lease payments. For both of these groups, Solar Delivered’s team manages and maintains the renewable energy or microgrid system throughout the lease period. At the end of the lease period the business, government, or nonprofit can purchase their system for its depreciated fair market value; an asset that will continue to operate for years.

    In jurisdictions where utilities allows its customers to enter into power and purchase agreements (PPA) and maintain their grid connection, a business may opt to invest in a system that not only meets their needs but also is sized to provide additional power to the grid and create a new source of revenue for its owner.