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  • Is My Business or Home Solar Ready?

  • The majority of structures and sites in the Caribbean are suitable for a solar energy system. Solar Delivered can perform a quick site assessment to determine the suitability of your location and/or structure for solar. Some of the factors that determine a location’s suitability for a solar energy system are the site’s orientation, on or off-site vegetation or structures that can shade the array, roof angle, site slope, and available land for ground mount systems.

  • Solar Energy: a Smart Choice

    In the Caribbean, investing in a solar energy system or a renewable energy microgrid is a wise financial decision. Our region’s high electricity rates mean that the return on a renewable energy system investment is higher than almost any other investment instrument available in today’s financial markets. Almost all utilities in the Caribbean generate their electricity using oil, the most expensive fuel for electrical generation. The price fluctuation in the international oil markets in the last decade have had a disastrous negative impact on island economies, business profitability, and household budgets. Renewable energy systems and renewable microgrids are the only way businesses, governments, and individuals can reduce and stabilize their energy expenditures.

    Investments in renewable energy systems and microgrids are not only good for our region’s financial bottom line, but they are also good for the Caribbean’s environment. By choosing to convert to renewable energy sources Caribbean governments, businesses, and home owners will be doing their part to help reduce and eventually eliminate global human CO2 emissions. This will reduce the impact global warming is having on our region's coral reefs, hurricane frequency/intensity and rainfall patterns.